How is the money going in summer for the Spaniards?



We are at that time of the year when everything goes and you are not so focused on expenses. And along with that mistake, dislikes can come when we suddenly choose to look at the checking account.

We spend the money

We spend the money

In this post you can find the four things in which we spend the money the Spanish during the summer, so you can get an idea of ​​where you have escaped that small control in these days of relaxation.

Car. Yes, that precious object of which we make more intense use during these holidays. Travel to see one family, the other, with friends or simply, tour in Spain. That is mileage and with it, fuel. Not counting tolls and parking.

Restoration. Because we have earned it after being cooking all year. But beware, it is the second highest item of summer expenses. If we know, we can try to go to cheaper (and less touristy) places or eat some snack someday.

Although it seems incredible, there are people who relax to go shopping and now, between extra and relax, we can get out of hand. Try to take advantage of the tail of the sales and thus the expense will not be so high.

You can find at really good prices


If we do not have a summer house or anyone who does not use it and can lend it to us, we will have to pay for the stay during the trip. Thanks to the collaborative economy there are places that you can find at really good prices. Of course, this game is likely to have it in mind if you were already closed.

You can request a loan to recover your solvency

You can request a loan to recover your solvency

But don’t worry, that’s what the holidays are for! And if the return is done very uphill, in Good Finance you can request a loan to recover your solvency. Because on vacation, you have to forget everything.

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